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Asia Pickup

Job title
Colleague and Community Co-ordinator
Time at the charity
Joined 8th June 2020, I have worked with Pets at Home a year before this
Quick summary of your role
I look after the charity’s grant funding programme. I provide advice to rescues on how to make an application; I read all the applications and work with the rescue to make sure we’ve got everything we need. I’ll put everything together for our Trustees so they can make a decision on who and what to fund. I then do everything needed after an application, from letting the rescues know they’ve been successful (or unsuccessful) to checking that donations have been spent appropriately
What do you love most about working at Pets at Home Foundation?
Being able to make a difference to rescues of all shapes and sizes, and helping them continue all the amazing work that they do!
What pet do you have at home?
None at the moment, I’m hoping to buy a house in the next year or so and then get a dog… or three! However it does mean I get to spoil all my colleagues’ pets in the office.
What’s your favourite type of pet?
I love all types of pets, from lizards to budgies, but if I had to choose I would say dogs.
What is your most memorable rescue experience?
Unfortunately I have not been able to visit recuses at the moment due to the current pandemic, but really looking forward to when I can.
What are you most excited for this year at PAHF?
Getting to grips with the role and meeting all the wonderful rescues that we help. Although I know things will be a little different this year, I’m still really excited to make a difference, no matter how big or small.
Where are you most likely to be found in your job?
Getting as many dog cuddles as I can squeeze in, or on a brew run. There’s always time for tea!